Healthcare cabling connectivity

Hospitals and large-scale healthcare organisations depend on a network that enables information to flow freely, accurately and reliably. Medical professionals and their patients rely on a stable wireless network connection for consistent care – supporting the delivery of patient records and lab results or performing other wireless-dependent operations.

Providers and healthcare professionals see enhanced connectivity as key to improved patient experiences and better outcomes. In the wake of the pandemic, the need for more responsive and intelligent healthcare networks has taken on a new sense of urgency thanks to ongoing trends of tele-health and the need for information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) departments at the point of care.

“A better network empowers better patient experiences—and better patient outcomes”

Alliance SI can build a complete ecosystem of wired and wireless network solutions to deliver reliable connectivity for both public and private healthcare organisations – from future-ready copper and fibre structured cabling to super-efficient Wi-Fi networks to 5G-ready in-building platforms. When it comes to hospital connectivity, here are our recommendations for focus in 2022:

5G the key

According to recent report from Accenture, 92% of healthcare executives believe that their organisation’s ability to generate business value will increasingly be based on the limitations and opportunities of their technology architecture. 5G will deliver the speed, flexibility and security that a healthcare operation needs to truly transform.

While 5G is key, it must be thoughtfully integrated with fixed and wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Cell Booster.  The underlying cable infrastructure must be designed and developed with an understanding of the requirements that are demanded by these emerging technologies.

Scale security with private networks

As security threats continue to increase, network security is paramount for every organisation. A private network (or a closed, dedicated network) is the solution for creating a secure, connected hospital environment, incorporating a layered cybersecurity architecture that protects data and safeguards assets. The dedicated bandwidth of a private network makes it possible for hospitals to securely connect more devices wirelessly without quality concerns when additional devices are deployed.

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