About us

Our purpose

Enrich our customers, staff and community’s lives by building the most resilient networks on which they depend

Since 1977 Alliance SI has grown with the spread of information and communications networks across Australia and beyond, delivering infrastructure solutions that enable our clients and their users to experience excellent outcomes in terms of quality and dependability.

As networks have become more complex and integral to almost every aspect of life, Alliance SI has built capabilities and gained certifications needed to partner with world-leading network operators, meeting the very highest of standards essential for their mission-critical network performance.

Alliance SI team members share a passion for excellence and pride in our reputation for top-quality workmanship and service. We are rewarded by our collaborative and trusting customer relationships, market-leading client loyalty, and our integral role in supporting their long-term success.

We actively encourage and equip tradespeople who have the ambition and ability to step up to senior management positions, bringing with them practical understanding of the processes and practices essential to success. Nearly all our project managers and executive team have stepped up in this way, using this experience to develop the proprietary processes and systems needed to enable excellence at every level.

In a market that is constantly evolving, relentless focus on collaborative innovation has maintained our ability to take on network infrastructure challenges of any size or complexity with the absolute confidence that we will make it work in a way that works best for everyone.



If it is worth doing something it is worth doing it well. Close enough is not good enough at Alliance SI.


We care deeply about our work. Our company is filled with remarkably passionate people.


Delivering exemplary service drives our customers' business forward and their success is our success.


We are always honest and true to everyone and ourselves. We focus on the best result no matter how challenging.

What we do

The best people

Our work culture is what truly sets Alliance SI apart. We’re passionate about helping others unleash their full potential – whether you’re an apprentice, a project manager, or a technician. This is our commitment to one another, and to our customers.

While we’re big enough to deliver complete network infrastructure solutions to our clients, we’re also small enough to care, and it’s our service to one another that really drives us every day.

Across Australia

Across Australia

With a network of resources across Australia and beyond, you can rely on the same standard of service regardless of your location. Our offices are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, but our network extends across Australia from capital cities to regional centres.

The depth of skills and experience within our team enables us to manage multiple projects simultaneously. No matter the service we are providing, whether it is on a national scale or a single location, our ISO-governed process guarantees optimal results.


Alliance SI prides itself on our independence, to ensure we provide impartial advice to our customers on the best products the industry has to offer. For best practice operation, we hold certifications with a range of industry recognised vendor partners.

Alliance SI - planning and process


Planning and process

Planning and process is key to our success. Our ISO certification recognises our company’s integrated management system and our commitment to continual improvement.

Alliance SI is officially certified to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety). The certification has been awarded for the planning, implementation and management of telecommunications and electrical projects. We are an accredited ICT service provider to the New South Wales and Queensland State Governments, and we are compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Australian Construction Industry.

Commitment to our ISO-governed process guarantees optimal results for our customers.