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Telecommunications and Electrical Technician

Welcome to Alliance SI

We are a leading, national team of data network construction and maintenance experts.

From ultra hi-tech data centres to national retailer chains and new office fit-outs, we install the cables, connect the equipment and design the network infrastructure that enables digital connectivity.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re invested in our team. And we’re always looking for passionate team players to join our growing family. We invite you to explore what life as a Technician at Alliance SI might be like!

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What's the job?

What’s the job?

As a Telecommunication or Electrical Technician, you will work on structured, coaxial and fibre optic networks, following complex instructions to bring power to the equipment and cable the connections that make them work as part of a larger network. It takes manual precision, good problem solving, strong safety awareness and a commitment to do a great job – first time, every time.

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Where would I work?

Working at Alliance SI gives you a chance to experience a diverse range of working environments. You will experience life inside highly technical data centre facilities, join modern construction builds or take part in the latest retail design and fit outs – learning new skills along the way.

Overall, the work is indoors in clean, safe, secure and carefully managed environments.

Alliance SI Services

Who would I work with?

While developing your skills and know-how as a Technician you’ll work as part of a project team lead by a supervisor and reporting to a project lead. Nearly everyone in the Alliance SI team, all the way up to our managing director, started out as a Technician. So we all truly respect and value hard working, safety conscious team members who want to learn, take pride in their workmanship and step up to leadership roles.

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Where could this job lead?

Working in the world’s fasted growing employment sector, there is plenty of opportunities to step up the ladder into specialist or management opportunities. Alliance SI has always focussed on internal promotion, and we invest heavily in training and mentoring to help ambitions technicians to become successful team managers and project leaders.

There are three levels of technical roles in both electrical and telecommunications streams, with required experience, qualifications and stepping up over a minimum of 5 years, increasing responsibility for customer service and apprentice supervision. The next step up to a supervisory role requires a minimum of 7 years post-apprenticeship experience and demonstrated ability to lead a team and provide great customer service.

What it’s like working at Alliance SI

Our people are at the centre of our success – which means that your success is our success. We respect your need to balance your work life, home life and social life, and work together to make this possible. We always let you know what’s going on, and are always open to listen to your issues or concerns about anything that’s happening at work.

We have lots of programs in place to help you thrive and grow. We offer support and mentoring to help advance your career and pursue a role that suits your talents and interests. Alongside industry leading rates, our team benefits from a range of employee well-being programs designed to help you perform at your best.

What do I need to apply?

  1. A copy of your relevant ACMA license
  2. A brief description of your job history and work experience
  3. A few points on why you want to work on data networks
  4. Why you think you are well suited to this type of work

What did Adam have to say about being an Alliance SI technician?

Adam Kwok

About the culture

“I’ve always felt I’ve had a pretty good wicket with Alliance. They’ve given me what I’ve asked for. There’s a lot of give and take. They’ve always supported me tooth and nail, really.”

About the people

“I’ve found in previous lines of work that it’s hard to find good people that I get along with that you can trust, as well. In this industry you need to know that people have got your back. That the tradesmen or apprentices your working are switched on enough to save your life, if they have to. That’s pretty common here, everyone’s really concerned about one another.”

About the work

“I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing at the moment. I feel that I, personally, still have a long way to go to become a very well-rounded tradesman. I’m still learning every day; I think you’d be lying in this industry if you said you weren’t. There’s always something new. A new way to go about things.”

About career opportunities

“Internal promotion seems to be a high priority for the management. Bringing people up through the ranks.”

Why Alliance SI?

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More respect for quality workmanship

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More flexibility and work-life balance

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