Future proof your office investment

Future-proofing your office infrastructure means looking ahead at technology trends and developments to prepare the physical workplace for the anticipated needs of the future. Of course, two years ago none of us could predict a future so heavily impacted by a global pandemic. While the move to smart, flexible workspaces was already driving the adoption of technology – fast forward two years and suddenly four main factors have pushed legacy networks beyond their limits:

  • The growing demand for information
  • The move to cloud
  • A shift to remote and hybrid work models
  • The increasing sophistication of cyber threats

Each of these factors is accelerating the speed at which companies are undertaking digital transformation initiatives – but to rethink the way your organisation uses technology to fundamentally change business performance you must start by rethinking the underlying network infrastructure.

Bandwidth consumption continues to grow

Growth in bandwidth consumption for businesses is expected to be 42% CAGR and as high as 98% growth in cloud related consumption. COVID has increased the prevalence of remote and hybrid workplace models where employees will continue working remotely, either from home or a branch office, resulting in an increased adoption of cloud-based businesses and communications services. These new remote work patterns require more advanced networking, while cyberthreats continue to increase risk as they increase in sophistication.

While bandwidth grows and network complexity increases, technological advances have both adapted to and shaped the role of networking. For example, the use of AI in network management provides advanced capabilities to support application usage across branches, devices and end users by analysing, identifying and then automatically addressing network optimisation and security adjustments. According to Cisco, as many as 50% of network strategists consider AI as an essential investment in network planning.

Network of the future

Regardless of the strategy, modern corporate networks must support much more than the ability to transmit data between offices. Cloud based computing, the proliferation of IoT enabled devices and the shift to hybrid working all mean that the corporate network must increasingly function as an essential enabler of business success.

The network of the future must be virtual, distributed and centrally managed across the entire organisation with advanced intelligence, threat detection and routing prioritisation. This network supports work from anywhere, on any device and using applications that may be on premise or in the cloud. This network is supported by an infrastructure strategy that aligns with your technology choices and will grow with your office aspirations.

Alliance SI are commercial fit out experts

Companies who rely on their technology for seamless productivity need their network infrastructure designed and deployed to match both short term needs and the anticipated long-term needs of an office tenure. The investment in commercial fit out cannot be made on an ongoing basis.

Relying on generic office fit out is not enough; only infrastructure specialists can truly design and deliver a future proof strategy. Commercial organisations serious about the dependability of their network rely on experienced network specialists like Alliance SI to deliver a solution to maximise office investment throughout the life of your tenancy.