Full frequency coverage – Cell Booster

As carrier networks continue the move to 5G technology, some challenges are arising – specifically, the ability of 5G to effectively penetrate buildings. There are two different parts of the radio spectrum that are being used to deliver 5G and one of these frequencies finds it harder to pass through objects. This is causing more dead spots throughout office buildings or construction sites, creating additional challenges thanks to our growing reliance on data connections due to cloud-based applications.

Not only is this frustrating, but the lack of secure, reliable voice and data connectivity can cause communication errors, downtime, reduced productivity or even revenue loss or safety concerns, as more and more critical services are delivered wirelessly. As redundancies in carrier networks grows, so does the need for a reliable alternative. Setting up a Distributed Antenna System, with a base station and multiple antenna distributed throughout the site, can be costly and time consuming.

The solution is a cell booster signal repeater expertly installed by Alliance SI. Cell booster is an antenna system with a repeater rather than a base station. This system simply takes the available external signal and more effectively distributes it throughout the building internally. With demand for a reliable and universal data network growing across every industry, we are currently installing cell boosters in data centres, aged care facilities, childcare facilities and other workplaces where wireless dependence is high or connectivity is critical.

We partner with leading product providers to deliver the most powerful carrier grade solutions available. Alliance SI manages all aspects of the process from an initial survey to customised layout design, installation, and testing. Installation is quick following and upgrade or expansion is easy down the track. For our customers, the outcome is the assurance of reliable wireless connectivity wherever it is needed.

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