Making the Data Centre sector more visible

While cloud-based services are increasing vital to Australians everyday lives, public awareness of the rapidly growing Data Centre infrastructure required to support them remains relatively low.  And, according to DCD>Academy, a leading global provider of DC training services, greater visibility is a key to sustainable talent acquisition.

“The data center labor shortage is a complex issue. One of the things that needs to be addressed is the visibility of the sector itself. Such an integral part of modern society shouldn’t have such a problem, but yet it still does. And that needs to be solved if we’re to create a sustainable talent pipeline for the industry’s future. … To address the shortage of data centre talent, industry leaders must work together to improve recruitment, enhance training and increase awareness of opportunities.”


Careers in the Cloud is a joint Australian industry initiative aiming to address the need for greater visibility of Data Centres career opportunities in our region. Our first priority is to bring together organisations from across the sector to review and agree on the joint efforts that will most effectively address this challenge. If you are interested to learn more, please register you details here