Data Centre players partner to attract talent to the sector

Australian Data Centre operators and service providers agree that joint effort is needed to attract more talent to the cloud and AI infrastructure sector.

As the growth of the Cloud and AI fuels ever increasing demand for data centre capacity, the biggest challenge the industry faces is to find and train enough people to build, maintain and operate the vital infrastructure that drives cloud based connectivity.

On 22 March2024, representatives from five major Data Centre operators met with those from a range of suppliers and experts to explore the potential for joint efforts to raise the profile of cloud and AI infrastructure as the world’s fastest growing employment sector

The meeting was organised by the Careers in the Cloud initiative, initially sponsored by leading network infrastructure specialists Alliance SI. The aim is to establish a multi-partner platform that will serve to raise awareness of the sector, and to improve training options and career entry pathways.

The meeting identified a range of opportunities for collective involvement, particularly in relation to attracting more secondary and tertiary graduates to consider the diverse and exciting array of career opportunities opening up in this vital sector.

Careers in the Cloud is an industry initiative to raise the profile of our sector as a great place to work, through the collaboration and partnership of the organisations who make the cloud function. One of the greatest challenges facing our sector is attracting talent needed to meet Australia’s growing demand for digital data network capacity. We believe the most cost-effective way to showcase our industry and help attract this talent is for organisations like ours to come together to raise the profile of Australia’s cloud infrastructure sector as a whole.

Visit the Careers in the Cloud website to learn more about the initiative. If you would like to get involved, we invite you to register your interest by completing the online form