Partnering to raise our industry profile

Alliance SI leads industry partnership to attract talent

As one of Australia’s leading providers of structured cabling for data centres, Alliance SI faces the same challenge as our clients and project partners to attract the appropriately trained and security certified employees we need to meet the rapidly growing demand to build, maintain and operate vital cloud and ai enabling data centre infrastructure.

We recognised that the best way to address this is not to compete amongst ourselves, but rather to collaborate as an industry to compete with the much larger and better-known road, rail, and energy infrastructure sectors, all of which are also striving to attract the technical, IT, engineering and operational personnel needed to deliver massive construction projects planned for the coming decade.

Having evolved with the industry as trusted long-term partners, Alliance SI launched Careers in the Cloud as a way to bring together a wide range of cloud infrastructure players to discuss the potential for collective action.

On 22nd March 2024, representative from five data centre operators, two service providers and four training and recruitment experts came together in North Sydney as the first major step towards realising this goal.

The result was a strong, positive confirmation of the real value to be gained by collective efforts. 


Partners’ number one priority is to make sure that everybody knows about cloud infrastructure as the fastest growing employment sector on the globe.

Focussing primarily on secondary and tertiary students and those who inform and influence their career decisions, it was agreed that collective actions will be the most effective way to create this awareness.


The second major priority is to enable our sector as one that is truly committed to greater diversity. With most jobs requiring manual dexterity, patience, precision and great communication skills, we want to overcome the perceived barriers that may be holding all genders back from realising their potential in a cloud infrastructure sector career.


While many practical issues still need to be resolved, work has already begun to flesh out a number of activities to be pursued as top priorities. For example, Partners have agreed to get behind the Uptime Institute’s efforts to established DC skills focused TAFE courses, and to promote successful women in the cloud as role models for diversity among career starters.