The future workplace is hybrid: how to thrive

At the start of the pandemic, most companies thought they were sending employees home to work for a couple of weeks. A year on and many corporate employees are still working remotely, and may continue to do so into the foreseeable future. What does that mean for the future of work and workplaces, and how does it change what employees need from their employers?

Research from around the world shows that a majority of people would still prefer to work from home, even after the pandemic subsides, or at least a combination of days at home and days in the office. Reduced time to commute and an improved work-life balance being the key drivers. A common theme for remote workers, however, is the difficulty of collaborating with others.

What employees really need is access to the right equipment and the right technology with the right remote support. A recent survey conducted by Forbes magazine asked remote workers what their company could do to help them thrive working remotely for the long term and respondents indicated that they primarily want the basic tools required to do their jobs — the right equipment and improved connectivity being the priorities.

Knowing how to empower your people to work securely and productively from their home offices, in the office or on the go can be quite complex, without the right technology partner. Implementing the right infrastructure coupled with the best connectivity underpinned by robust security measures requires good strategic planning and an extended remote workforce.

How to thrive in the new hybrid workplace model

Improve productivity

Keep people productive with the right digital tools, applications and processes such as real time digital workflows to save time from repetitive processes and reduce human error. Visualise work through mixed reality to change the way people interact, enhance working and learning experiences, and connect with data in a meaningful way.

Simplify collaboration

Simplify collaboration for hybrid working so employees can adopt a mix of home and office working long-term and enable people to communicate with each other through voice, video or messaging platforms.

Secure workplaces

Provide a strong and consistent security, compliance and governance framework for the modern way of working.

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