5 Quick Questions with Andrew Wright

What advice do you give to someone looking to start in our industry?

You must stand out. Try to develop and think for yourself as early as possible. Obviously not in a way that would possibly put someone else in danger, however, get on top of the little things like fastening cables or pre-empting what tool your tradesman will need next and having it ready. Watch your tradesman work and not your phone. You’ll learn more than you think by simply watching.

What are the 3 most important factors that have helped you progress as an apprentice?

  1. Hard work. If you work hard during the day, your tradesman will have time to show you more things and give you greater exposure to different scenarios. Get the little things right the first time, so there’s more time for you to learn the big things.
  2. If you haven’t gotten something right, don’t beat yourself up. No one was born with the ability to do everything, it’s all learnt. The way most people are taught is by making mistakes and listening to advice.
  3. My third factor comes from a quote: “You have two ears and one mouth”. Follow that ratio, listen more and talk less

Share a moment that makes you feel proud?

Headspace Emerald is the project about which I feel most proud. It was my first job outside of my apprenticeship and a 10-hour drive from any physical help from the team, however everyone was extremely supportive and happy to answer all my questions. It was a lot of pressure at the start but that pressure soon turned into excitement and a huge sense of responsibility. I learned a great deal about myself during that project – some good, some needed improving but I am grateful that Shaun and Joel trusted me with the job, building that trust to appoint me to bigger projects in the future.

Share a moment that leaves you disappointed?

I feel disappointed when I look back at my first ever VDSL install. The job was in a large shopping centre and I felt overwhelmed, with calls coming from every direction. Luckily my manager Shaun was on standby to help me through and it helped me learn about ways to better manage that environment in the future.

What has been your experience working with Alliance SI?

Working at Alliance SI is more than a job. The working culture is family-like; everyone works as a team to gets things done. Even more, everyone here cares – they care the outcome of the product we produce; they care about each other; they care if someone is struggling and they need help. Personally, I would recommend Alliance SI as a great place to do an apprenticeship.