Why Remote Hands is trending

COVID-19 has forced many companies to re-evaluate the way in which they manage their data centre infrastructure or oversee their IT solutions, especially for a disbanded workforce. But the idea of ‘remote’ support is not a new one for the IT industry.

In fact, the term ‘Remote Hands’ has long been used to describe a service offered by colocation providers to enables customers to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks in a colocation facility to technicians hired by the provider

Traditionally, Remote Hands services include tasks such as moving or securing network cables; network router and switch configuration; server refreshes and reboots; hardware and software replacement or installation; power cycling; inventory management and labelling; or reporting on equipment performance.

For companies like Alliance SI, Remote Hands has become the general term to describe the range of tasks we can manage on behalf of companies big or small. Over and above the traditional services listed above, our Remote Hands offer includes more complex tasks that need someone physically present such as setting up a firewall, complex cable configurations, or equipment testing and replacement. Remote Hands is also an invaluable service that allows businesses of all sizes to handle IT operations that go down in the middle of the night or during busy holiday periods such as Christmas or Easter when internal resources are absent or stretched thin.

Audits are also an important aspect of the Remote Hands service, and an invaluable tool to help busy IT departments track, trace and resolve equipment issues without impact to day-to-day operation. Regular audits help to improve equipment functionality, identify security risks and enhance IT governance yet are never the priority of a busy IT department.

Remote Hands can be effective for any size of business. The obvious use case is for smaller businesses that may not have sufficient skilled resources to manage complex IT projects or to dedicate to annual audits or off-site requirements. However, Remote Hands is increasingly ideal for larger national companies who are seeking a standardised experience, but do not have the budget to employ resources in every location. It also provides companies with a single bill making it very easy to manage and track operational budgets.

Every day across the Asia Pacific, Alliance SI helps customers to deploy IT infrastructure or swiftly solve critical issues to minimise business interruption with our expert Remote Hands service. Offering 24/7 support for any emergency, or an experienced team to manage complex It challenges across multiple locations, Alliance SI deliver peace of mind across a range of urgent or preventive maintenance projects. Learn more about the benefits of Remote Hands or contact us to book an initial audit.