How Tabcorp keeps 11,654 sites connected with Alliance SI

You’ve got the right systems. You’ve got the right software. But how do you ensure that local network infrastructure won’t let you down?

Many organisations depend on connectivity to deliver their customer value promises. For national businesses with thousands of customer contact sites, the biggest challenge for consistently satisfying customer experiences can often be the reliability of local network infrastructure. More often than not, critical business interruptions result from problems with the underlying infrastructure, and resolving critical interruptions is made more difficult when network elements are remote.

Serving thousands of sites across Australia, national retail brand Tabcorp understands that maintaining reliable network connectivity is critical to their business operation. No connectivity means no customer satisfaction which is why Tabcorp partners with Alliance SI for rapid response network support. A partnership that recently saved one of their busy venues from losing revenue and reputation.

High-tech profits flow from reliable network connections

Today’s digitally connected organisations rely on technology to operate. The bigger the organisation, the more complex the technology required. High-tech companies harness technological innovation to deliver improved performance, increased customer satisfaction and more significant profit margins – yet all this makes those companies more susceptible to the risks of outage, interruption, and error.

When it comes to “high-tech”, we typically think of technology devices and not the network that connects them. Yet, in today’s connected world, smart devices are meaningless without their network connection. High-tech companies cannot deliver without excellent infrastructure – a dependable and well-designed network, expertly installed and diligently maintained. In years gone by, a network was the cable that connected two computers – today; it is a complex ecosystem of hardware, software, protocols, and connection media.

Yet one poor connection is still all it takes to cripple a local outlet or even a whole company. Deploying and maintaining this network becomes even more challenging when the infrastructure is spread across multiple sites and states. Throw in a pandemic, with a double serve of border closures and lockdowns, and suddenly the challenge is near impossible.

Being on call to instantly resolve connectivity issues at thousands of sites around Australia takes massive human resources, high-tech know-how, project management and customer service capabilities.

That’s why more and more large companies rely on the national team at Alliance SI to keep the local networks that connect their digitally powered businesses up and running.

Tabcorp and Alliance SI work to build secure network

Alliance SI’s Remote Hands offers local, highly skilled, qualified technicians for a rapid, same-day response

When Tabcorp experiences any network-related issues – however large or small – at any of their 11,000+ venues across Australia, Alliance SI’s Remote Hands service offers them local, highly skilled and qualified technicians available for a rapid, same-day response.

Centrally managed and easily administered, Tabcorp has a trusted solution regardless of when or where they encounter a problem. It gives them peace of mind to continue adding new venues and growing their revenue stream.

Saving a lost weekend’s revenue in a busy suburban TAB

Take the recent challenge of network failure disrupting a busy suburban TAB venue late Friday afternoon. The solution was a call to Alliance SI’s centrally managed Remote Hands service for urgent assistance. A local Alliance SI technician was on-site within the hour. He knew the venue, understood the network and recognised the financial imperative to identify the issue and implement a solution.

Sure enough, one poorly installed cable threatened the livelihood of the whole venue.

Not only was the network restored, but the qualified technician also unearthed a potentially longer-term issue, thereby saving Tabcorp tens of thousands of dollars in future lost revenue.

Rapidly solving connectivity problems maintains revenue flows and ensures customer satisfaction.

The value of rapid problem resolution by Alliance SI’s Remote Hands is highlighted by the clients’ feedback on their experience:

I wanted to express our thanks getting a resource on Friday at such short notice. Kai promptly arrived on site, identified a solution and went about his work professionally. He communicated with us and the venue clearly and was able to complete the urgent cabling required to resolve an issue the venue has been facing for months, immediately improving their service. Once again, thank you for a great result.
Shashi Govan

Tabcorp Holdings Ltd

Do you need Remote Hands support?

There’s a good reason why Tabcorp – one of Australia’s largest digitally dependent retail service operators – have been partnering with Alliance SI since the 90s. They can’t afford to be without the ability to rapidly resolve even the most technically difficult network problem in the minimum possible time. Hundreds of timely interventions such as the one described above all add up to massive savings and strong NPS scores Australia-wide.

Compared to maintaining an in-house tech team or placing yourself in the hands of a mixed bag of local contractors, Alliance SI offers the certainty and security of on-call quality wherever the problem arises.

If you want to know more about relying on an Alliance SI’s nationwide Remote Hands team click here.

Why Tabcorp partners with Alliance SI

With iconic brands such as TAB, Sky Racing and The Lott, Tabcorp is well known as Australia’s most recognisable gambling entertainment company. What people might not realise, however, is that Tabcorp owns the largest retail network in Australia, managing over 8,000 venues. And like any large multi-location retailer, Tabcorp is heavily reliant on technology to support their business operation and enhance the customer experience.  

When that technology fails, there is an immediate cost to the business. Sales stop. Brand reputation is damaged. And it doesn’t take long for customers to go elsewhere and never return. For Tabcorp, maintaining network connectivity is essential. This means maintaining a dependable network across more than 8,000 locations distributed across Australia – no mean feat for any national retailer.

For Tabcorp, the solution is a reliable partner with a national footprint, a commitment to rapid response times and a passion for solving network challenges. Alliance SI has been supporting Tabcorp since the 90s, delivering a cost effective and dependable partnership to support their many outlets with local “remote hands” support – giving Tabcorp peace of mind that a qualified technician, with knowledge of Tabcorp’s operation, is only ever a phone call away.