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Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith

Remote Hands Administrator

Hayley Smith believes in providing outstanding customer service.

And as Alliance SI’s Remote Hands Administrator, she always ensures that her clients are left feeling satisfied at the completion of every job.

“I deal with new business enquiries every day that come in from all over Australia. It is then my job to organise the appropriate teams and technicians to service our new and existing customers’ requests.

I endeavour to build strong relationships with our clients and stay in touch throughout the process of each job, from scheduling to completion. This allows me to provide the appropriate support whenever it is needed.”

Hayley enjoys her day-to-day interactions, liaising with clients and contractors to coordinate the most suitable team to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

“I love that I have the ability to coordinate jobs that need to be done. It brings me fulfilment when I am able to understand my clients’ needs and then find the right technicians for the job.

Not only does this provide support to our clients… it also makes their lives easier as they save time trying to find the appropriate contractor.”

For Hayley, there’s never a dull moment in her working day.

“I am energised by a full inbox, a busy schedule and being challenged under pressure. I love that I am always learning new things, too.

There is always such a broad range of jobs to be completed, but I always feel supported by the amazing team and the positive workplace culture at Alliance SI.”

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Why Remote Hands is trending

Why Remote Hands is trending

COVID-19 has forced many companies to re-evaluate the way in which they manage their data centre infrastructure or oversee their IT solutions, especially for a disbanded workforce. This has made Remote Hands services increasingly popular – but the idea of ‘remote’ support is not a new one for the IT industry.

Soaring copper prices impacting cabling costs

Soaring copper prices impacting cabling costs

Historically, the price of copper has been relatively stable however an unprecedented surge in demand as a result of economies rebounding from COVID-19 has seen copper prices skyrocket to an all-time high in May of this year.

Don’t let lockdowns leave your projects lagging

Don’t let lockdowns leave your projects lagging

With no end to lockdowns yet in sight, Alliance SI is here to keep your business moving. As an essential business service, we’re cleared to maintain our workforce despite the current restrictions around the nation.

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