Electrical communication infrastructure for the financial sector

With an absolute commitment to quality spanning over 40 years, Alliance SI has built a significant portfolio of large and small Finance Sector clients for critical infrastructure projects ranging from Dealing Rooms to Data Centres.

Alliance SI partners with these clients to engineer implement and maintain dynamic electrical and communications infrastructures that their businesses can rely on to support current requirements and future demand.

allaince-si-home-box-2With expertise and experience predating the transformational change of online commerce, Alliance SI has won Vendor Certified Expert Product Knowledge status which enables us to be truly vendor independent while specifying the best technologies for all client situations.

We consider our Finance Sector projects as unique Finance and Banking Portfolios (FBPs) combining fundamental factors for success including; the best technologies; security; confidentiality; 100% uptime; responsive 24×7 support; and, comprehensive experience, expertise and care for both front and back office situations.

Client feedback confirms our integrated FBP approach is a key differentiator. Based on our extensive experience and intellectual property, this approach ensures our FBPs meet key criteria such as being disruption free, delivery milestones and quality goals. Many clients return to us when they need to modify or create new infrastructure that optimise their evolving online operations.

We understand finance sector criticality and ensure projects align with our quality assurance model. Our major vendors offer 20 year certification and warranties and we ensure workplace health and safety compliance, environmental concerns and client uptime are equal priorities in our projects.

Our SP Project Managers and Teams are motivated to ensure all projects meet our stringent quality assurance standards. We work with clients to analyse operational risks and priorities before commencing design and implementation phases. Our project management, supervision and site staff are experienced in managing stakeholder needs, accurate programming and project cost reporting.

While we have many finance sector clients, we are proud to list BNP Paribas, Westpac, and Bank of Queensland as just some of our recently completed projects.

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