Connected through COVID

Staying connected through COVID has been a challenge for so many of us – personally and professionally. As a business, we rely on our connection with our customers and our connection among our team to uphold our values and deliver against our service expectations. In times of crisis, these relationships can wither be undermined or strengthened.

At Alliance SI, we have always focused on collaboration and connection among remote or disbanded team members. One of the benefits of coming into an office is the ease with which connections are made and relationships are fostered. Companies with a decentralised workforce need other ways to maintain these connections.

Yet working remotely does not have to be less engaging. The same technology that allows us to work remotely also presents creative opportunities for our teams to interact virtually, even when circumstances aren’t ideal. Furthermore, we understand that strong relationships also help people stay productive and maintain business continuity, while also boosting morale during challenging times.

One of the critical factors that has supported our continued connectivity over the past years has been our outstanding vaccination rates. We were one of the first in our industry to achieve 100% vaccination among our team, a testament to our committed and caring team as well as a reflection of our partnership with our customers. The vulnerable nature of many of the sites we work in – like aged care or healthcare – makes vaccination a must, a circumstance that is not only understood but respected by our team.

Staying connected through COVID remains a focus for our team and the broader Alliance SI community, as we continue to support our team through vaccination, communication, education and support.