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Avoid history repeating with a QMS approach to cabling rollouts

By Alliance SI Insights

The cabling infrastructure in your office plays a huge part in everything from employee productivity to business continuity. Yet despite its importance, some decision makers attempt to save money by taking an ad hoc, or DIY approach to their cabling rollouts. With your cabling infrastructure hidden behind walls and in the ceiling, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to it.

However, a poor cabling choice of the past can easily be repeated by untrained installers. Small mistakes grow into office wiring nightmares. And while this doesn’t look pretty, poor cabling rollouts can also impact the business in some pretty significant ways:

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At a time when the reliance on bandwidth and connectivity is vital for revenue-generating activities, poor network reliability impacts business success.

Workflow disruptions caused by network downtime can seriously impact your employees’ productivity and become a blight on your business reputation.

Without reliable cabling infrastructure to support business growth, your business will find it difficult to take advantage of industry changes and readily adopt new technologies such as Iot.

Reduce risk of downtime
These days, as more businesses undergo digital transformation, having a reliable, robust network is essential. As a big investment, with a lifespan far greater than the hardware you connect to it, it’s essential to know for sure that your cabling rollout is completed to specification and it can pass data at the stated speeds.

Using a professional crew who is properly trained and certified to work with the cabling system you select will ensure you avoid expensive, time-consuming network performance problems down the track.

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Consistency and flexibility
As timeframes for cabling rollouts become ever more time-critical, having a consistent, standardised quality approach to your cabling infrastructure will ensure smooth rollouts to other locations.

Following a QMS-based approach also helps ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory bodies, and fulfil any contractual requirements you have with the building owner.

It also enables painless troubleshooting, so it’s easier to identify and rectify faults quickly. In addition, you also eliminate the high risk of human errors being repeated with the ad hoc approach.

Get what you paid for
And while it may be tempting to forgo thorough testing and just carry out a sample test of a select few cables, following a quality approach ensures correct cable testing appropriate to the cabling system. If you don’t follow at uniform quality system, problems may lie undetected for months or years by which time replacing the cables may be a more challenging and costly task.

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Better use of time, resources and budget
With the demand for higher speeds increasing all the time, ensuring a quality cabling rollout is more important than ever. The best way to do this is by implementing a future-proof, highly organised cabling system that meets or exceeds current cabling standards and offers performance, manageability and lower total cost of ownership.

It’s important to remember about a quality cabling rollout will protect you for several future generations of technology upgrades. And it’s much more cost effective to install your cabling infrastructure using a quality system first time than it is to remedy a poor installation. In cabling, quality matters.

Ensure your cabling rollout takes a QMS approach
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