Alliance SI pass it on: some Easter joy for Kids with Cancer

Passion, Integrity, Service, and Excellence – these are the company vales that we live by at Alliance SI. In fact, every month team members have the chance to nominate a fellow member of the team who they believe has demonstrated these values in their daily work.


At the end of March we received a record number of nominations for a single month – 14 members of our team congratulated by their teammates for their outstanding commitment to our values. When thinking how best to celebrate this amazing milestone, the resounding response from the team was to “pass it on” – so that’s what we did.


With Easter around the corner, we purchased 14 Easter Care Packs for our charity of choice, Kids With Cancer Foundation, Australia. Our Care Packs were delivered last Thursday to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney, with the goal to share some Easter happiness to kids that need it the most.


“Our boxes are filled with healthy snacks, colouring activities, poppers and some tea and coffee for mum and dad (we all know how important that is). Each pack has been carefully put together to help take little minds off exhausting rounds of treatment”.


Our congratulations to all our March nominees, who demonstrate that our values are truly at the heart of everything we do at Alliance SI.


Learn more about the Kids with Cancer Foundation