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Now is the time to action your network infrastructure audits and maintenance

By Alliance SI Insights

As more and more end users and business owners transition to working from home, depending on healthy applications has never been more vital. And those applications depend on a resilient and functional network infrastructure for business productivity.

With today’s network infrastructures becoming immensely complex, keeping track of configuration, capacity and compliance can seem like a daunting task. But as the dependency for efficient network infrastructure continues to grow, now is the best time to action your network audits and maintenance to help meet end users and business owners’ network demands.

Two men checking the network connectivity

Ensure seamless connectivity

There is an endless list of issues that can hamper your network infrastructure performance… spotty coverage, slow speeds, security hazards – the list goes on. With plenty of things to maintain, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance starts with your network infrastructure audit and maintenance.

Maintenance is fundamental to ensuring the reliability and functionality of your business’s network.

Until you prioritise your network audit and maintenance, your network infrastructure will struggle to perform optimally.

With this priority in mind, we break down why actioning your network audit is important and how it can help you achieve greater business productivity and efficiency.

Man checking the connections on the server

Expanding portfolio

Network audits and maintenance plans ensure that your business can complete measured, efficient and safe activities. It creates a scheduled template of daily undertakings that holistically improve the way your business uses and manages network infrastructure — infrastructure that, when disrupted, has the potential to grind operations to a halt.

Implementing network audits and maintenance is essential when your business finds itself experiencing any of the following situations:

  • Experiencing an increased need for data
  • Migrating to the cloud or merging with another type of cloud-based enterprise system
  • Expanding or modernising your servers and storage equipment to increase network performance
  • Configuring disparate OEM applications under one management system
  • Need a better understanding of your network usage and performance

Network audit and maintenance plans can simplify your installation and configurations by harmonising any new pieces of equipment or software with legacy IT, as well as synchronising multiple OEM platforms under managed contracts.

Server room with programming data design

Bandwidth demands

Your network has a finite amount of bandwidth that must be distributed among your end users. Monitoring and understanding the usage and distribution of that bandwidth will allow you to decide if the network needs to be expanded or if individual devices or applications need to be addressed.

Having a clear picture of bandwidth usage will allow network administrators to see where congestion is occurring and which applications must be prioritised. Improving performance may not even require reducing usage or increasing capacity, but simply better managing the flow of traffic.

Computers on desk in front of a window office

Planning for business growth

As a business, you are always planning ahead for business growth. If you are not maintaining your network infrastructure diligently, it may not be able to handle the weight of expansion as your business grows.

It’s essential that you have a server that is capable of adding more workstations if you plan on increasing the numbers in your workforce. You’ll need to be able to add these new users without any difficulty as they enter your network.

Additionally, by creating network documentation and keeping it up to date, the growth of your business will be obtainable without the risk of slowing down due to a lagging network.

Making sure scalability is structured correctly in your system will optimise performance and reduce growing pains down the line.

A digital Compliance word with a hand touching an icon

Ensuring compliance

An essential part of maintaining your network is making sure that all of your tools are compliant with your company’s policies and legal regulations. Compliance should always be a top priority. Not only do you want to avoid putting yourself and your business at risk, but it’s also critical to protect your clients.

This responsibility may seem daunting, but with the right network audit and maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about regulatory upkeep constantly.

A server rack

Establishing reliable network security

Unfortunately, anyone can be susceptible to network breaches, especially without the right precautions in place. Considering the vast amount of data that exists in your server, leaving it unguarded is unwise.

Fortunately, your network audit and maintenance service can help secure necessary firewalls, VPNs and intrusion prevention tactics, while also setting up user validation systems that use a dependable authorisation, authentication and accounting (AAA) method.

The security of your network is one of the most important elements to maintain, and consistent upkeep will help your business safe against potential threats.

Man working inside a server room leaning at the ladder

Creating a network audit and maintenance plan tailored for your business

While these are common responsibilities, there are many other tasks and benefits that a network audit and maintenance plan can entail for your business. And when it comes to servicing your network infrastructure, you need to be confident in your maintenance provider.

This is where Alliance SI’s wealth of knowledge and dedicated technicians can help.

We have a team of specialists who can partner with you to develop a maintenance program that will best suit your operational needs.

We use the principles of Reliability Centred Maintenance at the core of our approach and we focus on minimising disruption to your operations. By combining condition monitoring technology with traditional physical de-isolated servicing, we can achieve excellent results.

We have the capacity to support you with any network infrastructure challenges – from design and implementation to local authority applications, consumer mains upgrades, UPS equipment, contingency planning, disaster recovery and much more.

Partner with Alliance SI to develop your maintenance program

Our service and maintenance support can be sourced from more than 270 locations across the Asia-Pacific region. Whether you are in a capital city or a regional centre, we have the team to deliver the service you need.

Contact us to discuss your service and maintenance needs today.


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