About us

Alliance has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Support is offered by our partner network 24/7 through more than 270 locations across Australia and New Zealand, from capital cities to regional centres. We are resourced and ready to handle all facets of telecommunications and electrical design, construction, and maintenance.

Our knowledge base, product and equipment inventory is current for copper, fibre and wireless based services and infrastructure, high and low voltage electrical infrastructure, data centre design and construction, and national maintenance and servicing.

We provide superior support in servicing small installations and large national and international projects.

Our expertise in conventional electrical and communication infrastructure and the latest technology trends and advances, ensures our projects are efficient, reliable and flexible.

Alliance SI is a well-run, efficient organisation which produces exceptional quality and results. We have formidable intellectual property for public and private works across all industries including Education, Telecommunications Data Centres, Health Care, Industrial, Commercial and Finance.

Our Services

To provide customers with ‘best-possible’ electrical and communications infrastructure solutions

Our mission is to provide every customer, irrespective of their industry or the complexity of their challenge, with an enduring partnership that delivers them with the best-possible electrical and communications infrastructure solutions.

For almost 40 years we have achieved our mission by ensuring our customers and our people are our most strategic investment. They are our preeminent priorities because their success is our success. This approach has delivered exceptional results for both Alliance SI customers and the company itself. Consistently accomplishing our mission has earned Alliance SI industry wide recognition and an enviable customer-base which includes many world leaders in their industries and considerable return business over many years.


To be the electrical and communication infrastructure company that customers seek and other companies measure themselves against

Every day we realise this vision through four fundamental Alliance SI strengths of; working with sector leading organisations; providing exemplary management and good corporate citizenship; being a preferred workplace, to attract and develop the industry’s best people in terms of aptitude and attitude; and, to consistently strive to be the most efficient company to maintain value for customers and share holders.

While individually these factors have been incredible enablers of the Alliance SI enterprise, combining them has cemented the organisation as an industry leader with the best people working with the best practices.


Excellence | Service | Integrity | Passion

Alliance SI was founded on the principle that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well; an attribute our people live every day. Our passion is in assisting customers to achieve success with absolutely reliable electrical and communications infrastructure on which they can run their businesses. We commence every relationship with these values and our customers have vindicated them with many reengaging with Alliance SI as their demands change or their business expands.