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Expertise and experience for optimal enterprise-wide information flows

With decades of specialist structured cabling experience and expertise, Alliance SI has designed and implemented many significant best-practice copper, fibre and wireless network infrastructures for high-demand clients.

Alliance SI provides sophisticated and specialist Data and Communication services to clients in all industries. These projects vary in size and complexity, but universally they must be dependable and capable and offer clients sufficient bandwidth for their current and future business needs

Across all sectors, Alliance SI designs and implements significant best practice copper, fibre and wireless network infrastructures. For leading brands such as AFC, Beldon, Commscope, Corning, Optronics, Panduit, R and M, and Siemon we offer vendor certified 20 year warranties.

Our Data & Communications services are tailored to the individual customer’s circumstances and our experienced project teams partner with in-house IT teams, Vendor teams and/or System Integrators to ensure all risks are mitigated and the most efficient and reliable infrastructure is achieved.

Alliance SI is a company we trust. They have always done the right thing by Mounties and over many years they have successfully implemented multiple projects, both large and small. –Frank Raffoul , Mounties Group.

We are proud to have been selected to install these robust and efficient network infrastructures to NSW Government Data Centres, other Government operations, some of Australia’s largest commercial Data Centres, Banks and other businesses.

Our technicians carry all appropriate electrical and Australian Communications and Media Authority qualifications, are extremely experienced in working in sensitive commercial or industrial environments and have a demonstrable record of trusted performance with critical data networks.

Alliance SI recognises how effective Data and Communications infrastructure is imperative for modern businesses. At the Mounties Group, which operates four registered clubs, two health and fitness clubs and holiday resorts, Alliance SI provided a centrally managed, secure wireless networking solution to improve staff productivity, inventory management and point of sale.

Alliance2013-09-101273The Mounties solution includes a Layer 2+ gigabit wireless switch, 11 wireless switching dualband access points, a unified threat management firewall, and power over Ethernet support, so wireless devices can be easily deployed throughout the enterprise. Alliance SI provided self tuning access points to provide all of the Group’s mobile clients with the best RF channel and transmission power.

Our Data and Communications methodologies work and are based on decades of successfully designing and implementing infrastructure of all connectivity types and complexity. We ensure special care is taken to protect client equipment at all times and only use safe and compliant equipment to complete operations and take all necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of any client equipment or systems.

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